About XPU


XP University is a multi-faceted performance and wellness company headquartered in Massachusetts. We are a team of professionals with a combined fourty plus years of experience. Our primary focus is to educate and coach individuals in all aspects of performance development. XP has expertise in an array of disciplines ranging from athletic training and nutrition to building strong psychological mindsets, helping to improve performance on and off the playing surfaces. Our diverse clientele consists of athletes at all levels, from top Olympians to youth in a wide variety of sports. Our staff has dedicated their time to learning from the top instructors in the country to help enhance biomechanics and performance of each individual that steps into XPU.

  • First One

    Basic Fitness

    In each of the following scenarios every athlete will follow a plan that will improve flexibility, increase speed, enhance athletic skills, encourage a focused growth mindset, and any other goal that the individual, small group, or team discusses with the XPU staff.


    The XPU staff will work with clients 1 on 1. Everyone receives a specialized program that is custom built. A staff member will work with the client to ensure that they are training properly and effectively to achieve maximum results.


    XPU also trains small groups and athletic teams. Groups can work together at either a gym site or on location following a plan programed for the group while keeping each individual needs in mind. An XPU staff member will work alongside the group to ensure that each member is gaining from the plan and that the group is performing each movement and exercises properly. XPU Specializes in programs built to help you achieve goals such as:


    • Injury prevention

    • Flexibility

    • Agility

    • Correct muscular imbalances

    • Footwork/Speed

    • Weight Loss

    • Muscle Gain

Our XPU Training Opportunities

XP has a variety of training and wellness offerings available for growing athletes all the way to the professional. We work with youth groups and adult programs alike!

First Class

One on One Training

Clients individually work in either of our facilities under the supervision of the leaders of XP University following a custom plan designed for the individual. XP trainers will ensure that the client is performing each exercise properly to educate and develop any individual at any level to help them achieve their goals.

Second Class

Small Group Training

Small groups and teams work with the XP University staff to develop movement patterns, posture, strength, and speed.

Third Class

Organizational Training

XP provides training at various organizations and schools across New England. Let us help your organization be at their best.

Fourth Class

Training at Your Employer

XP provides onsite training at your place of business! Health and wellness classes can save your company on healthcare costs.

XPU Partners

XPU has developed strong partnerships with the most qualified individuals and groups for your best athletic experience. Whether your needs include just training or go into areas such as nutrition, sports psychology, or the next generation in human performance, XPU has additional specialists in place to keep you on the right track!

Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC

Dr. Matthew Flynn

Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC specializes in three areas of mental skills performance training: Clinical Psychology, Educational and Test Preparation Coaching, and Sport Psychology. At Peak Mental Performance Coaching, LLC , our goal is to help our clients learn the mental skills to feel happy, confident, and to reach their utmost potential in life.

XP Locations

XP has locations at 33 Upton Drive in Wilmington, MA and 5 Dundee Park Drive in Andover MA. We also provide on site training for a variety of groups and teams!